To support an ecological approach, to take care of one’s health or not to like the taste of the meat: as many reasons which can justify a vegetarian diet when one seeks to slim down. But to lose weight fast and without deficiencies, you are attentive to all your nutritional contributions.


How to refuel when you do not eat meat? Our ideas with this dietary vegetarian menu.

Four slimming and balanced meals for vegetarians

Plant sources used: whole grains, raisins, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame, peas, tofu, red fruits, sunflower seeds, dried beans, spinach, apricots.


Breakfast low in carbohydrates

 ·         Homemade muesli without natura keto added sugar: flakes of whole grains (to be preferred organic), raisins, hazelnuts and crushed almonds, almond milk (enriched with calcium if necessary)  A cup of chicory (beware of the tea, which slows the absorption of certain trace elements )

·         Lunch rich in vitamins – A carrot salad with sesame, lemon and olive oil – A portion of fresh peas – A little grilled tofu – A handful of red fruits – A glass of water

·         Seed snack – A handful of sunflower seeds – A cup of almond milk or soy milk


Protein Dinner

·         White beans in tomato sauce – Boiled spinach (better source of trace elements than raw spinach) – A slice of wholemeal bread – An apricot – A glass of water


The vegetarian diet: good or bad? Advantages and disadvantages

While the harmful effects of red meat on the human body are increasingly denounced, the principle of vegetarianism is to consume no animal flesh. Good for health, this regime would include limiting the number of cancers and diabetics.

It is also suitable for the planet as it reduces the animal suffering and pollution associated with intensive farming.

 On the other hand, to take advantage of the positive consequences of vegetarianism, it is essential to replace meat with adapted foods: it is only when it is well balanced that the diet is safe for health. Insufficient intake of trace elements could lead to fatigue or even anemia.

Expert opinions differ, however, on the assimilability of plant sources of trace elements. To be sure of nothing, force the doses and associate them with sources of vitamin C (HEALTH SCAM SIDE EFFECTS REVIEWS carrots, red fruits …). As a last resort, taking a dietary supplement, combining iron and amino acids, remains possible!

Successful diet slimming without eating meat and without deficiencies, it is simple by following our nutrition advice. But do not forget that vegetarianism will not melt your weight alone: ​​long live sports and fitness!

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